The story of the Waveline Flute started during a car ride…

At the end of an afternoon of intensive teaching at an Austrian music school, it all of a sudden became clear to me:

the youngest students need better instruments!

So, intensive co-operation with the Viennese flute-maker Werner Tomasi, within the framework of a research project sponsored by the City of Vienna, resulted in the invention of the Waveline Bend! Wavline 509

Teacher's Info

As teachers, we have a responsibility to individually select the right flute for each child.

The health should be an absolute priority, special attention must be paid to the spine. This is only possible when there is the right flute available for any body size. Also developments of playing technique are largely dependent on whether child and flute fit together well!

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Children's info

Hi, young friends of the flute!

If you are not younger than 5 and not older than 11 – then this is your website!

You want to learn, how to play the flute, I guess?

In case you do, I would like to introduce to you two instruments which WE have specifically designed for YOU.

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Parents info about the Waveline flute

As parents, we are indeed responsible for the health of our children.

We, as parents, certainly always want to promote in the best possible way the development of our children and the improvement of their abilities to play an instrument.

For several reasons, it is absolutely necessary to choose the right instrument!

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