Ensemble Vienna Flautists

This group, which was founded in 1983 and which is unique worldwide, presents the whole range of the flute family, from the contrabass flute to the piccolo with varying stylistic program concepts.

Besides playing in the ensemble, the members of the VIENNA FLAUTISTS hold important positions as teachers, orchestra musicians, as well as in the making of instruments.

CD recordings of the ensemble include compositions by Mozart, Rossini, Vivaldi, Haydn, Rahbari, Debussy, Fauré and contemporary pieces, in addition to radio and TV productions. The ensemble has played concerts in the U.S., in the Far East and Europe taking part in festivals such as Schwetzinger Festival, Mozartfest Würzburg, Beethoventage Bonn, Klangbogen Wien, Hörgänge Wien, Budapest Spring, International Festival of India, Guanajuato-Festival in Mexico, European Weeks Bratislava etc.

The emphasis on the low flutes (1 contra bass, 1 double contra bass, 1 C-bass, up to 3 alto flutes, as well as the flauto d’amore, which has been rediscovered) makes it possible for the ensemble to balance and blend the different sounds, and numerous composers have gladly composed pieces for the ensemble.

In cooperation with the internationally well-known actress JULIA STEMBERGER, programs with recitation have been performed, such as “Mozarts Frauen”, “Französische Impressionen”, “Alles hat seine Zeit”, “An ein Kind”, “Cara sorella mia”, “Hör die Erde tönen” etc.

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