Magic Flute

Around the year 1990, the publishing company Universal Edition Wien asked me to develop a new course for beginning flutists.

 was happy to accept this challenge, since I was familiar with the regular teaching material due to my teaching experience in connection with my pedagogical studies concentrating on methodology, didactics and teaching!

It was the primary goal to combine direct experiences of playing an instrument with a solid sound and a basic playing technique, always keeping in mind that, in the meantime, the age of the beginners has dropped to about 8 years.

There were two goals:

  1. to enable children to improve their abilities without having to practice too much,
  2. to provide children aiming at a higher level with the basis necessary for more intensive studies (up to a professional career).

In the meantime, many young flutists have studied with “Magic Flute”, and so a new edition has been published which contains a lot of new pieces.

Additional material may be downloaded from the Website of Universal Edition.

The flute school “Magic Flute” consists of three volumes, which are complemented by two books for flute ensemble and two volumes called “Fit For The Flute”.