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Hi, young friends of the flute!

If you are not younger than 5 and not older than 11 – then this is your website!

You want to learn, how to play the flute, I guess?

In case you do, I would like to introduce to you two instruments which WE have specifically designed for YOU.

Who are WE:

Barbara & Werner

Barbara Gisler-Haase
Werner Tomasi

We also join the ensemble "Vienna Flautists" to play music, and we are all good friends.

Website of Vienna Flautists.

In order to make and sell a new flute, one certainly needs a company and a factory where the flutes are being made.

The company’s name is JUPITER.

jupiter logo

The video will show you how a flute is being made at Jupiter’s.

But now, let’s talk about the Waveline flutes:

The special thing that makes these flutes different from the ones shown in the video, is the so-called Waveline bend.

That’s why these flutes are also called             

Waveline Flutes

Both flutes which you can see on the picture below are similar.

The smaller flute is of course for the younger children, the larger one for 7 to 8 year olds. The teacher has to decide which one to use.

Just think of a bicycle: you only feel comfortable and safe, if the bike has the right size.

Many children have been playing the Waveline flutes! Far more than a thousand up to today!

In case you are going to play the Waveline flute, please send us a photo with your name, and we will be happy to publish it on this website.

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